I've been into fiction writing for some seven years and I don't intend to ever stop (although most of what I wrote for the first 5 years got scrapped). If you read the works below and have feedback, please leave a comment below or contact me over Reddit (Yujiri).


Pillars of Life

A submissive boy in an oppressed land learns courage.

Don't be terribly surprised if you find like, a blatant inconsistency or something in this story; I changed a lot of things in the last couple weeks I was writing this and it's not out of the question that I missed something.

The Pygon Hybrid (WIP)

A delinquent teenage girl wants a career that uses her talent for fighting, but doesn't want to serve the government... what other option is there?

I'm aware that the plot summary is painfully similar to Pillars of Life, but I'm hoping that the vastly different protagonist and world make it different enough to be worth having both stories.

Doki Doki Literature Club content

MC's Revenge: a DDLC mod

A Glimmer of Sunshine (Youtube link): a short video where MC talks Sayori out of suicide through better understanding her depression.

Return To The Portrait: Another DDLC mod



The Bright Raincloud: a tribute to Sayori


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