My Doki Doki Literature Club mod Return To The Portrait is now at its first release milestone. The mod picks up from the end of the original game and involves everyone working together to find out the truth about their world and about Project Libitina. This is part 1, which is expected to be about 1/3 of the story.

Reddit release announcement

Original announcement video

First 30 minutes (outdated).

Since I was forced to develop on Renpy 7, releasing this mod has been a bit of a debacle. I've ended up making some changes to simplify the install process. You should now be able to install it the same way as other mods with one caveat: the lib/ and renpy/ directories need to be copied in too. Alternately, just unpack my distribution and drop the DDLC archives (images.rpa, fonts.rpa, and audio.rpa) into its game/.

Script-only, version 0.1.0 - this one includes only the mod files and not the Renpy distribution. This means it's (hopefully) cross-platform but at the cost of having to install Renpy 7.3 yourself. This is how I originally wanted to release it, but apparently no one could even be bothered to read my instructions; multiple people tried to play it on the Renpy shipped with DDLC and complained to me that it didn't work. So I made the others.

PC version, version 0.1.0 - this is the "PC" distribution generated by Renpy, which apparently works on both Windows and Linux.

Mac version, version 0.1.0 - this one I unfortunately couldn't test, since I don't have access to a Mac.

Windows-only version, version 0.1.0 - this shouldn't be necessary as the PC distribution appears to work on Windows, but if somehow it doesn't for you, give this one a try.

Linux-only version, version 0.1.0 - again, shouldn't be necessary but I'm including it just incase.


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